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Feed In Tariff
Install Solar Panels
Solar Panels Explained

Compare Solar Panel Costs & Installers

If you are looking to generate clean and renewable energy from the sun then we can help you get the right system at the right cost. Our service provides customers with free, no-obligation quotes that can be used to compare solar solutions and prices, making the switch to solar technology as simple and affordable as possible.

We have developed a nationwide network of accredited solar installation companies, so we can put you in direct touch with the best people for the job, and by giving you a range of quotes you have the option to find the best solution and price available.

Why Get Funded Solar Panels?


Since you own the solar panels yourself, you get the full benefits of the Government’s Feed In Tariff.


Save yourself thousands of pounds as energy prices continue to rise.


The solar panels are yours – you don’t have to “rent your roof”; it’s totally your own system!


Get a totally free, no-obligation survey to check your property’s suitability.


You will directly receive the payments from the government-approved Feed In Tariff from the installation of the system.


Hurry – funding is very limited, apply today to make sure you get a place!

What Our Customers Say

I was skeptical at first, but the consultant explained everything really simply, so I knew exactly how much I could benefit from the Government’s Feed In Tariff.

Jason James

I’d been considering solar panels for a long time, and when I found out you could get solar panels installed with funding, it was a no-brainier! It meant I had no out of pocket expenses, and immediately could earn the Feed In Tariff for myself.

Tony Macklin

This isn’t free solar – it’s much better. My roof isn’t rented out; I own the system myself because the Feed In Tariff easily covers all the costs, so i get all of the benefits for myself.

Robert Pattinson