Domestic Solar Installations

Why should Galaxy Solar Energy fit your Domestic Solar PV system?

Domestic Solar Panel installations are never easy, due to the diverse nature of UK architecture and the unfortunate circumstance of which way your roof faces in relation to the sun, getting the most out of your Solar Panel system is something we have become unsurprisingly good at. Here at Galaxy Solar Energy a free report can be written on your potential installation, bespoke to everything about your house, from one of our trained auditors and professionals.

Galaxy Solar Energy only use the most qualified and experienced tradesmen when it comes to domestic solar panel installations. With every project having an assigned project manager to ‘touch base’, and their job is to ensure the quality of the installation is up to our high standards, ensuring your satisfaction. Upon completion, we shall set up your Feed-in tariff (FIT).
How can you claim Fully Funded Solar Panels?

Feed in tariffs are a way for you to get payment for each unit of energy you generate through your renewable system. These prices vary from year to year, but you can expect to claim up to 30% of your domestic solar panel installations cost through your FIT’s. You can also send your power back to the Grid at a rate of 4.77p/kWh, the usual amount of energy exported to the grid is around 50%. You can expect these payments for the life of the system.
Domestic Solar Panel Installations:

Galaxy Solar Energy use a fully funded PSP scheme to lend you the money to install a solar panel system, this through carbon emission loans, and our relationship with money lenders, you can pay your panels back at a fixed rate whilst still earning energy (taking usually 10 years) then you have up to 20 years to reap the full benefits. Which has a Rate of return at about 4% on investment, in comparison to 0.5% in a cash ISA.

14.38p rate is for systems up to 4kWp. Larger systems of between 4kWp and 10kWp the rate is reduced to 13.03p. As of April 2013, Solar installations can only claim FIT’s if their house has an energy performance rating of level D or above, this can be done through double glazing or extra installation.