TheGreat Misconceptions

I won’t own my roof ? !

Quite simply you will. You own the panels, the roof, the inverter and the Feed in Tariff.

I’m not facing South so wont be eligible?!

The panels the Galaxy group use are the best in the world and we select our panels on the basis that they will work well in low light emissions. This means that our panels work to an extraordinary output regardless of direction from south so which ever direction you face our panels will use the light from the sun to spin your washing machine, light your living room and keep the kids entertained on their games consoles.

I can’t afford panels?

We will only fit panels that generate enough income to pay for themselves and the owner, whether that be a South facing, North facing, East and West. Each application is measured depending on KW output

So with that in mind money is irrelevant as your payments are always covered by the income.

What if I want to sell my house?

Fitting solar not only gives savings and income to you, but also allows you to pass that income on to anyone that you sell your house to.

Selling a house with solar not only adds on average 10% to the current value but also is likely to be sold quicker too!

The panels we use are of the best quality in the world and manufactured specifically for low light levels meaning you’ll be able to present a great income to anyone interested in buying your house increasing its desirability.