Feed In Tariff

Feed In Tariff:

The terms of the feed in tariff are that you are paid for every unit of energy you generate (whether you use that energy or not), and these payments are index-linked and guaranteed for 20 years.

The initiative was launched in 2010, this beneficial scheme has allowed tens of thousands of PV installations to be implemented on domestic and commercial properties across the UK. as people. The considerable advantages the scheme offers include substantial financial return on investment, as well as benefit from reduced energy bills and the protection against future energy price rises.

In light of the higher than anticipated number of installations that the feed-in tariff prompted, and taking into account the falling installation costs, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) published a review of FiTs in February 2012. In order to ensure that the allocated budgets have longevity, the review proposes linking the tariff to the number of systems installed.
The current FIT rates are as below (all rates are per kWh):

  • Size in KWp
  • 0 – 4KWp
  • 4.01 – 10KWp
  • 10 – 50KWp
  • 50 – 150KWp
  • 150 – 250KWp
  • 250 – 5MWp
  • FIT
  • 14.38p
  • 13.03p
  • 12.13p
  • 10.34p
  • 9.89p
  • 9.89p
  • Export Tariff
  • 4.77p
  • 4.77p
  • 4.77p
  • 4.77p
  • 4.77p
  • 4.77p
  • Example installation & annual carbon savings
  • 4KWp – 1,920Kg (Typical Domestic)
  • 10KWp – 4,800Kg
  • 50KWp – 24,000Kg
  • 150KWp – 72,000Kg
  • 250KWp – 120,000Kg
  • 5MWp – 2,400,000Kg