Solar Panel Warranty

Solar Panel Warranty:

Here at Galaxy Solar Energy, we select our Solar Panel suppliers based on a criteria of; Efficiency, Quality, Longevity and the length and rules in their standard solar panel warranty. The reason for our scrupulous selection is to ensure we supply the best quality products and also provide security in the system you purchase, making sure that you are able to collect your renewable energy until it becomes economically viable.

Our business model is crafted with the intention of installing faith in our customer, so they know they are procuring the best product, at the best price, but most importantly a product that will stand the test of time and will grant our users an ultimate satisfaction in the service. This is why we like confidence when it comes to a supplier’s solar panel warranty.

Due to our personal interests in sustainability and renewable energy resources, we are completely against products that do not last, it seems a bit contradictory to advocate a solar system that only runs long enough for you to offset your cost of purchase, and doesn’t actually strive towards creating a greener future for the planet where you can create energy for free. We are passionate about our business as we think renewable energy is one of the only viable solutions for the future of the human race. Therefore solar panel warranty has a very important part to play in what we do, and we hope the information provided can allow you to make the most stratified decision available to you.