Commercial Solar Installations

Commercial Solar PV:

10% is the average rate of return on your investment when you invest in Commercial Solar Installations, this is due to the Government’s Feed-in-tariff (FIT) scheme, which businesses and commercial entities are also entitled to, in a bid to have a low-carbon strategy in the UK. Using these government payments and the addition of your earnings from your solar system, it is possible to get free government backed solar panels, when you look at the big picture.

Why go for commercial solar panels?

Solar Panels and other solar technologies (Solar Thermodynamic and Solar Thermal) show a statement of intent to your customers or clientele. It shows that you have a long term commitment to the sustainability of the planet, and its energy. It also shows you possess a strategic business brain, as you are turning unused roof space into a source of extra income. These panels have to be outside, so everyone can see how eco conscious and green you are, it will also reduce your green tax bill dramatically.

Why go solar?

Generate clean, green energy for decades – well beyond the 25 year warranty period on the panels. Solar panels used by Energy Matters such as REC Solar modules have low embodied energy of less than 12 months meaning that the life-cycle environmental impact is minimal.

  • Benefits of a commercial Solar installations:
  • Convert unused space into a revenue source
  • Obtain money from the grid for any surplus energy you produce
  • Whilst significantly reducing your own building’s energy costs
  • Cut your carbon footprint (and pay less carbon taxes)
  • Interest free loans are provided to companies from the Carbon Trust
  • Offset your purchase against corporation tax
  • Demonstrate to your customers your ethos on green issues
  • Increase property value and yield

We provide two purchase options for our buyers